Mouhamed M. D. Aidara, Senegal

My name is Mouhamed Mahmoud D.AIDARA.

I’m native of Senegal, West Africa. I’m descendant of an Arab religious family.
Graduated from Senegal with a degree in Literature, and major in American civilization.
i have been working for Sonatel (the principal telecommunications provider of Senegal) for 6 years where I ‘am in charge of a portfolio of customers. I have also strong interest and I am active in questions related to youth and politics in my country.

Since 2011, I manage Give1Project in my city Thies. Give1Project ( is a non-profit global organization dedicated to engaging and empowering young men and women to strive for greater social, economic and political participation in their communities. i succeeded in singing a partnerships with the mayor of my city for bridging the gap with leadership internships in France and in the USA. I am also the ambassador of Arab Business Leaders Club in Senegal where my mission is to build a business bridge between my country and the Arab world. As a broker and business consultant, I’m finalizing a project of construction of two international standards stadiums in Senegal. I am the main broker between the demander, a Tunisian architect named Bahri Riadh (atrium international) and the government. Senegal is a peaceful country, politically stable, an example of democracy which is congratulated by the UN general secretary and even the US president Barack Obama. I’ m very thankful to Give1 Project and its President and founder, Mister Thione Niang for such an opportunity. He helped me becoming a global leader and also helped me connected to many young leaders around the world that I know now. Which I’m sure is because of GIVE1ROJECT.


Article from: Fellows

Saturday, December 29th, 2012 @ 11:09PM